Paris Hilton tells more details about the unusual gift she got from Kim Kardashian

Last Thursday (16), in an interview with the podcast “Watch What Happens Live”, Paris Hilton told a little more about her professional and personal life and the birth of her first child in January. The socialite reported that in celebration of Phoenix’s arrival, the Kardashian family sent her an unusual gift.

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“Kim, Kourtney and Kris sent me a giant alpaca, which is not a real one. But it’s so cool, it’s in front of my house now. It’s the cutest thing. I like to hug her every day” she said. The socialite also said that her husband, Carter Reum, gave her a Dior stroller as a gift.

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In her podcast “This is Paris”, Paris Hilton reported that it was difficult to keep the birth of her son Phoenix a secret: “It was difficult to keep it private because we were so excited and wanted to tell our families, but you get nervous because if you tell one person, you know they’re going to tell others, and all of a sudden it’s out of nowhere on TMZ or Page Six”.


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