Sweepstakes Have Gone Viral Online, Here is Why


    Sweepstakes have been present for many years but have gained popularity in recent times. A sweepstakes promotion involves the selection of a winner at random from a list of entries. 

    The prizes are often cash or a product and when playing online, entry usually involves giving the company running the competition a name and email address. This differs when playing the latest sweepstakes craze to hit the internet, sweepstakes casinos, and we will come to that in more detail shortly. The question many people are asking is why have sweepstakes gone viral online?

    Free to Enter

    One of the many reasons why sweepstakes are so popular online is because they are free to enter. You do not have to part with any of your own hard earned cash to enter an online sweepstake yet can still win a cash prize. It is like entering the lottery without having to spend money on a ticket. You will have to provide the company with some personal information but if you are interested in what they have to offer, that is a small price to pay for the possibility of winning money or a product. 

    As online sweepstakes are free to enter, it means they are also easy to play. The only thing the brands running sweepstake are interested in is getting an email address so they can send you information about their products. There are some online sweepstakes that may ask for a small fee but these tend to offer bigger prizes and you can decide if you want to spend a small amount of money or focus on the free online sweepstakes. The fact online sweepstakes are free or low cost is one of the major reasons they have gone viral.

    Sweepstakes Casinos

    One example of online sweepstakes that differs from the standard model highlighted above is sweepstake casinos. You can find the latest sweeps casinos listed on the Sweepstake Casinos website and these all offer the chance to play online casino games for free. Unlike regular online casinos, you are not required to deposit and use real money when playing games at online sweepstake casinos. The main goal of playing at sweepstake casinos is to have fun playing games and it is possible to play with friends at some online sweepstake casinos. 

    However, there are two types of coins available when playing at sweepstake casinos. Gold coins are awarded for free when signing up and these are used to play games for fun. Sweeps coins are offered as a free reward or won in bonus games and when using these to play games, you have a chance of winning prizes. The sweepstake model used at the casino means they are legal in the United States and they have become extremely popular.


    Sweepstakes have gone viral because of the excitement they offer players. The possibility of winning a prize is exciting and for those who are successful, it brings a lot of joy. Some of the biggest online sweepstakes can lead to life changing money for the winners and the build up to the draw taking place is an adrenalin rush that is difficult to replicate. The thrill of entering the competition and being in with a chance of winning a huge prize is enough to keep people coming back for more. 

    When entering free online sweepstakes, it is like gambling but without the worry of losing any money, which is perfect for those who cannot afford to gamble online or simply do not want to spend any money gambling. 

    The fact online sweepstakes are free to enter, easy to play, and generate a lot of excitement means they have become immensely popular. The addition of sweepstake casinos has added an extra dimension to the online sweepstakes world and increased the popularity of the sweepstakes gaming model.


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