Taylor Swift impresses with new tour and breaks record on Spotify

Last Friday (17), Taylor Swift began to perform the presentations of her world tour “The Eras Tour” and impressed her followers and the media with the innovations during the shows, which became a real spectacle. The performances go through all their phases, with many costume changes and several hits.

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In the face of phenomenal performances, Taylor Swift’s followers began to create theories that indicated that the singer was about to launch a new phase. The hypotheses began when, at the end of their shows, to the sound of the song “Karma”, an orange door appeared on the screen, which could be related to a lost album name. So far, the information has not been confirmed by the singer’s advisory.

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Recently, Taylor Swift achieved it for the fifth day in a row, another record in her career. The singer reached about 73.8 million listeners on Spotify in the last 24 hours, and the hit “Anti-hero”, from her most recent album, is among the songs played on Spotify Global, in addition to surpassing 673.5 million views. reproductions so far.


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