Katy Perry may not renew contract with American Idol

"Katy's decision to leave is not a 'money issue'". (Photo: Instagram)

According to the Daily Mail website, Katy Perry would be considering terminating her millionaire contract as a judge on “American Idol” because she believed that the program would be putting her in an unpleasant and negative situation. The singer’s salary is valued at approximately R$125 million.

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A source close says: “Katy feels like the producers threw her under the bus. She thinks that some of her lines could have been removed. Being booed made her really upset.” Recently, the singer caused an uproar on the internet due to a reaction she had about a shiny dress from one of the contestants.

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“Katy’s decision to leave is not a ‘money issue’. For her, it’s starting to be a legacy thing. She doesn’t want her career to be defined by a talent contest where she isn’t even performing. She has achieved so much in her career that she is now being seen as a nasty judge on a reality show. Katy has wanted out for a while now, but this season has been too much for her to handle,” says a source close to her.


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