Kim Kardashian Reveals Regret Dating Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian at the event. (Photo: Instagram)
Kim Kardashian at the event. (Photo: Instagram)

Businesswoman Kim Kardashian revealed during a new episode of reality show ‘The Kardashians’ that she regretted her relationship with actor and comedian Pete Davidson. According to her, the reason for her regret is that it was so quick after her troubled divorce from Kanye West.

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Kim revealed that her courtship with Pete was a matter of getting away from the drama she faced in splitting from Kanye. The star reflected on her relationship with Pete. Speaking to sisters Kylie and Kendall, Kim said she hadn’t fully grasped the issue with her ex-husband, and the whole situation surrounding their children. “I definitely got into another relationship so quickly,” she said.

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For Kim, getting into a relationship in such a short time has caused her to run away from things a lot. And, according to her, the best option is to deal face-to-face, heal and feel everything in your time. The divorce with Kanye began in February 2021, and the courtship with Pete began in October of the same year after his appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Kim and Pete had a 9-month relationship. Kanye even attacked the comedian via social media.


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