Lady Gaga will be in the documentary about Tony Bennett


Last Tuesday (25), according to information released by Dany Bennett, son of Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga participated in the new documentary “The Lady and the Legend”, produced by Paramount +, expected to reach streaming from September . The work will address the friendship of the artists and will bring the backstage of their productions.

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“They would come offstage alternately, and she would watch him every night. He’d pull the mic away from his mouth and she’d say ‘what are you doing?’ And I said, ‘Watch the audience. He takes the microphone away and everyone leans in because they want to hear it’” said Dany Bennett,  for Variety magazine, about Lady Gaga’s relationship with the singer on stage.

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Part of the cinematographic work was recorded during the special “One Last Time: Live At Radio city Music Hall”, in New York. “What you will see in this documentary is not what you saw in the special. You’ll be seeing behind the scenes, where people were saying, ‘He has no idea where he is,’ and Gaga, rightfully, was saying, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ But I knew when he got on that stage, it would all come back,” said Dany Bennett.

“You watch Tony nurturing her and telling her to move on and believe in herself. And then suddenly, at the end, she’s the one supporting him. It is a complete and beautiful cycle. I’m really excited for people to see this because you really understand these two great artists and their passion for music”, ended Dany Bennett. 


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