New poll puts Donald Trump 10 points ahead of Joe Biden


A new electoral survey, produced ABC and the newspaper The Washington Post, shows an advantage of almost 10 percentage points for former president Donald Trump over the current president, Joe Biden.

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According to the survey, released on Sunday (24), the likely Republican Party candidate would have 51% of voting intentions against 42% for his Democratic opponent.

The poll was widely reported by Republicans. FOX News, the spokesperson for American conservatives, highlighted the fact that the Washington Post, which supported Biden in the 2020 elections, stated that the survey itself was an “outlier”.

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According to the survey, 56% of Americans interviewed disapprove of Biden’s administration. One of the points most criticized by voters is the issue of immigration, seen by the majority – 62% – as poorly managed by the president, given the migration crisis reported by some states such as New York and Texas, where the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, announced the sending troops to the border with Mexico.

As a result, according to a report by the British newspaper The Guardian, the numbers presented in the new survey differ from the majority of electoral surveys released to date, which point to a fierce dispute between the two opponents.


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