Trump leads new White House poll


With one year to go until the presidential elections in the United States, the most recent voting intention survey by the Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) institute, released by CNN this Tuesday (7), shows that Republican Donald Trump maintains his lead with 49%, while Democrat Joe Biden has 45%.

++ Biden calls for ‘pause’ in the war to allow Hamas hostages to leave

Among those interviewed, 51% stated that they would not consider voting for Biden in any way, with 4% of non-supporters indicating a possibility of voting. Rejection of Trump is significant, but minor in comparison, with 48% saying they would not vote for him at all. Only 2% of non-supporters indicated that they would consider voting for the Republican.

++ Trump ally is elected president of Congress

The survey points to Biden’s drop in popularity, attributed in part to “Bidenomics”, a term used by the president to describe his economic policies, which do not excite Americans and impact his candidacy in the polls. Respondents point to Biden’s lack of resistance and insight as negative factors in his administration, with only 25% considering him to have these qualities. In contrast, 53% believe Trump has them.

The situation in the Middle East also hurts Biden’s campaign, especially among progressive voters and communities like Arab-Americans, who gave broad support to Biden in 2020. The White House’s approach to the region, sending weapons and supporting the right to “self-defense ” of Israel, does not please these groups. Respondents indicate that the economy will be the most important issue in the 2024 elections, with 66% of registered voters considering it decisive for their vote. Electoral integrity and voting rights (57%), gun policy (52%), crime (52%) and immigration (50%) are also relevant topics for next year’s election.


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