Hockey player’s girlfriend makes heartbreaking discovery after teammate’s death


The girlfriend of Adam Johnson, the hockey player who died aged 29 following an incident in which his neck was cut by skates during a match, has made a heartbreaking discovery following the tragic loss late last month.

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The incident that shocked the world occurred on October 28 in England, during a game dispute between Adam Johnson, of the Nottingham Panthers, and Matt Petgrave, of the Sheffield Steelers. Video of the incident shows Petgrave’s foot hitting Johnson’s neck, resulting in instant bleeding from the skate blades. Johnson left the court gushing blood and was rushed to the hospital, where his death was confirmed.

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Ryan Wolfe, the late player’s longtime girlfriend, found out he was planning to propose soon. Friends close to the family revealed that Johnson had purchased an engagement ring before the couple traveled to England for the 2023-24 hockey season. Wolfe found the ring in the apartment he shared with Johnson after the family revealed the secret.

Before leaving, Johnson shared the plan with his grandmother, stating that he intended to propose to Wolfe at some point. Scott Pionk, whose son played college hockey with Johnson, detailed that conversation. On Tuesday (14), police arrested a man suspected of manslaughter in Johnson’s death, but his name was not revealed. Despite speculation that the detainee was Matt Petgrave, responsible for the incident, official confirmation of the name is still pending. The man was released on bail on Wednesday. The incident sparked debate over whether Petgrave intended to intentionally hit his opponent with his disproportionate movement. The Nottingham Panthers released a statement regretting what happened, calling it a “freak accident”.


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