Rare moment: Josh Allen says he’ll spend Thanksgiving with his family

Josh Allen. (Photo: Instagram)
Josh Allen. (Photo: Instagram)

Free pass to enjoy the holiday and your family without Buffalo Bills matches on the calendar. Last Friday (03), through an interview with the website People, Josh Allen stated that he intends to spend Thanksgiving at his home in upstate New York with his relatives and that he is preparing surprises for the day.

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In recent years, with important matches and championships for his team, the player was unable to fully take advantage of the opportunity to have his family together, however, now, Josh Allen is preparing to welcome everyone with a delicious menu made with affection and care.

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“It will be an exciting moment. My family does a lot of things there in California and it’s a long trip to get here. It’s too early to say, but maybe someone will come to help me, but I’m ready for the challenge”, the player said in more detail about the occasion, stating that in addition to his family, some friends will join the celebration.

The athlete stated that he began to enjoy the art of cooking after watching the series “The Bear”, available on the Hulu platform: “I was so inspired after watching that, it was really cool… really cool and I really liked that show. It kind of awakened something in me.”

Concluding the conversation with the vehicle, Josh Allen stated that he is satisfied with all his steps in 2023 and that he is grateful for another year with his current Buffalo Bills team. “Grateful for my family and friends, obviously my teammates. I’m very grateful to be able to play this game that I love,” he said.



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