Reconciliation: Irina Shayk is seen leaving Tom Brady’s apartment

“I share my work stuff because I decided to keep my personal life personal
“I share my work stuff because I decided to keep my personal life personal". (Photo: Instagram)

Last Tuesday (07), according to the website Page Six, Irina Shayk was caught by local photographers leaving Tom Brady’s apartment in Tribeca, New York. The model’s presence left viewers in doubt as previous rumors indicated that the player was no longer involved with the star.

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According to rumors, if the model wanted to be discreet about the return of the relationship, she would have used the private entrance to the garage, avoiding the paparazzi’s flashes. However, Irina Shayk preferred to be caught walking to Tom Brady’s house.

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In an interview with Elle magazine, Irina Shayk was asked about her possible involvement with the player, however, the model did not comment on the occasion and declared that she prefers to keep her life as private as possible. “I share my work stuff because I decided to keep my personal life personal. Because it’s something that belongs to me. If I ever feel like sharing this, I will,” she said.

According to previously released information, sources close to the former couple stated that, even though they chose to separate, they still miss each other’s company and would like to stay together. Rumors that they were separated started last week, when the model was in New York and Tom Brady was in Miami, and they still didn’t meet.

“Tom is busy with his business, participating in the sports teams he owns, preparing for the commentator job he takes on next year, and being a father. It’s hard to be Tom Brady. He wants to be 110% into what he does. He knew he wouldn’t be able to give Irina his full attention and time, he didn’t want her to feel less important,” said the source close to the athlete.


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