Bruce Willis’ wife talks about the actor’s dementia diagnosis: It was both a blessing and a curse


Emma Hemming, the wife of renowned actor Bruce Willis, participated in an interview on the North American morning program Today, addressing her husband’s diagnosis of dementia, who is currently 68 years old. 

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During the interview, Emma shared that the diagnosis was a challenge for both the actor and the rest of the family: “I’m realizing that dementia is a difficult situation. It’s complicated for the person who receives the diagnosis. And it’s equally difficult for the family. This applies to Bruce, me and our daughters. When they say it’s a disease that affects the whole family, it’s really true.”

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Emma also discussed how she approaches the illness with her daughters:“I think we’ve always been… a very sincere and open family. The most important thing was being able to explain what the disease is, because when you understand the medical perspective of the disease, everything starts to make sense. So it was crucial that let them know what it was, because, you know, we don’t want there to be any stigma or shame associated with their father’s diagnosis or any form of dementia.

“I believe it was a blessing and a curse. You know, finally understanding what was going on allowed me to accept the situation for what it is. It doesn’t make the pain any less, but understanding and knowing what’s going on with Bruce made it all a little more bearable. There are so many beautiful moments happening in our lives. It’s crucial for me to look away from the pain and sadness so I can see what’s going on around us.” When asked what her daughters are learning from this situation, Emma shared:“Honestly, he continues to be a gift in the giving. Love, patience, resilience, among so many other things. He’s teaching us all… I mean, you know, doing this, being here, it’s not my zone. comfort, but that’s the power of Bruce. I believe my kids would be amazing no matter what! And that’s what I want for them. However, truly, as I mentioned before, this is teaching them a lot about caring and love, and it’s something beautiful in the midst of this sadness.”


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