Kourtney Kardashian is exposed by Malibu mayor after lying about authorization


Malibu Mayor Bruce Silverstein accuses Kourtney Kardashian of lying about her permission to hold a party. According to him, the request made by the businesswomen’s team was for a baby shower to be held, however, for him, what happened was a promotional action of his brand.

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Bruce said the event ran as a promotional action for Poosh Camp, a brand tied to Kortney. To him, it was all just a farce. The mayor claimed the permit application included 94 guests for the baby shower, when in fact 600 people showed up at Poosh.

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He said he was shocked by the situation. To him, that’s not a good look for the city. By granting expedited emergency leave for large events, in this case, it was like a sale, in the mayor’s words. Silverstein said none of the Kardashians attended the event, which was just a commercial action. He intends to request an investigation of the case to determine if there was fraud, and if he had an ‘accomplice’.


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