It’s official! Hollywood Screenwriters Union announces agreement to end strike today (27)


After almost five months of strike, the WGA – the union that represents Hollywood screenwriters – and the AMPTP, an entity that brings together studios and streaming platforms, reached an agreement on Tuesday night (26).

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As a result, on the 148th day of the strike, the WGA boards unanimously decided to suspend the strike order starting at 12:01 am (Los Angeles time) this Wednesday (27). This decision came after a preliminary agreement was reached with AMPTP on Sunday (24).

Now, the ratification vote is scheduled to take place between October 2nd and 9th. The WGA will hold in-person and virtual meetings with its members on both coasts of the United States throughout this week to detail the content of the contract.

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With the strong support of the WGA negotiating committee, the agreement is expected to be ratified without difficulty by members.

One of the main requirements and changes foreseen in the new agreement is the access of screenwriters to the number of hours watched by users of series produced by streaming platforms included in AMPTP.

Furthermore, the union will be able to share this information publicly, and access will be valid for productions around the world.

Beyond that, another important topic regarding the use of artificial intelligence in scripts, the agreement establishes that studios and streaming services are obliged to inform screenwriters about the use of this technology. Both create and rewrite them and are prohibited. to force workers to use this tool.

The union also has the power to veto the use of technology in the creative part at any time. While the writers ended their strike, on the other hand, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) still continues to strike since July.


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