Screen Actors Guild and Studios Union announce meeting for Monday (2)


The Hollywood Actors Union (SAG-AFTRA) and the studios, represented by the AMPTP association, announced in a joint statement that they will resume negotiations on Monday (2). The class strike has already lasted 75 days.

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In its official statement, SAG assured that the first meeting will take place with representatives from the studios and now there is an expectation that the heads of Disney, Warner, Netflix and others will be present. To give you a comparison, after four consecutive days of meetings, the writers reached an agreement.

This news of the new round of negotiations comes days after the Screenwriters Union (WGA) reached a new agreement with AMPTP.

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With them, the studios gave in on some issues that also concern actors, such as payment of residuals and protections against the growing use of artificial intelligence.

It is worth remembering that SAG-AFTRA, the Hollywood actors union, made the strike official on July 13, after weeks of fruitless negotiations with the studios.

Among the performers’ demands are new rules on the payment of residuals (the money actors receive for playing projects on TV and streaming) and protections against the use of artificial intelligence in the production of films and series.

Hollywood actors have not gone on strike since 1980. The strike should not only stop the filming of many projects that feature interpreters affiliated with SAG, but also prevent these actors from participating in press events for films that are already completed and on the way to cinemas.


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