Snoop Dogg reveals he is giving up smoking


This Thursday (16) Snoop Dogg shared a message to his fans, revealing he is giving up smoking.

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In his Instagram account, Snoop shared a post with his photo that reads “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time”. In the caption he wrote “I’m giving up smoke”.

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After the announcement, fans started to speculate if the rapper is being serious or if he is joking. Snoop’s image is closely tied to smoking marijuana. Some fans are wondering if he plans to switch to edibles or other forms of cannabis use, or if he is going to launch non-smoking products, like vapes. 

The rapper documented his cannabis intake in his music and also in interviews. Snoop made his debut on Dr Dre’s 1992 album, “The Chronic”. The title is a slang name for high quality marijuana. Lots of his lyrics contain references to his habit, like “We gon’ smoke an ounce to this”, on his single “Gin And Juice”. In 2025 the rapper founded Leafs By Snoop, a company specialized in making its own cannabis strains, concentrates, flowers and edibles. 


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