The Most Thrilling Vacation Excursions You Need to Try


    There is no feeling that can quite compare to the rush of adrenaline. Chasing the thrills of life is the most amazing way to experience how it feels to live life on the edge. Sure, going for walk in the park can be fun, but sometimes you need to seek adventure and jump out of a plane instead. If you’re looking to make some extreme memories on your next vacation, here are 3 of the most thrilling excursions that will put your bravery to the ultimate test.

    Take a Frozen Plunge in the Coldest Place on Earth

    Tons of cold plunges take place all over the world, but nothing can compete with hopping into the perpetual below zero temperatures of the Antarctic Ocean. Leave your senses frozen in their tracks and embrace the frozen plunge of a lifetime. Although there may not be many spectators around to witness your daring icy dip, there’s a very good chance that a waddle of penguins will make up your wildlife audience. Now the real question to ask isn’t can I travel to Antarctica but when.

    Bungee Jump Above the Bhote Koshi River

    Kick thrill seeking up a notch by taking a leap of faith from 160 meters above Nepal’s Bhote Koshi River. No adrenaline junky will want to pass up this excursion of a lifetime that will have you jumping off the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. Yes, you read that correctly, crossing over raging rapids from atop the longest suspension bridge isn’t even the crazy part! There is no better way to secure the title of ultimate thrill seeker than free-falling in an upside down hurtle to the river below from one of the world’s longest known bungees.

    Hang Glide Over the Aloha State

    Imagine having a true birds eye view as you soar over the breathtaking lava fields and ocean shores of Hawaii with your own set of wings. Taking in the scenic natural beauty of Hawaii is an experience every travel lover should have. However, feeling the thrill as you soar in the open air over the vast mountains and lush green landscape takes sightseeing to whole new level. What better way is there to turn a tropical vacation into an adrenaline fueled adventure than hang gliding Hawaii for unparalleled Pacific Ocean and island views.

    More Thrilling Excursions to Add to Your List

    For anyone looking for other ways to test their limits there are plenty of other thrilling excursion options out there to try. Not to mention the abundance of other locations to have a polar plunge, bungee jump or hang-gliding experience. Some other epic ideas to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing are:

    • Flyboarding in Costa Blanca, Spain
    • Cage diving with sharks in Cape Town, South Africa
    • Sky diving in Fox Glacier, New Zealand
    • Heli skiing in Tordrillo, Alaska
    • Extreme kayaking on the Colorado River in Arizona

    Now all that’s left to do is pick an exhilarating excursion and start testing your limits!


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