From the table to life: lessons from a poker player


    Poker is known as the game of the mind and it is not by chance that it wins fans around the world. Well-known sports figures like Neymar and actors like Leonardo Di Caprio are just a few. This is a game that requires its practitioners to deal with diverse situations that require commitment, control and other fundamental characteristics.

    The good thing is that these skills can develop over the years, played from anywhere in the world like the renowned casino en ligne canada and also brought into your life:

    1. Have control over your emotions:

    Poker is a game where all emotions are tested, both on an internal (in relation to your emotions) and external (through the emotions of the other). In short: the player may be nervous after receiving a strong or weak hand, but demonstrating this can open his game to his opponent.

    In the book The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success, Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger go so far as to say that, unlike other sports, in poker the player must “remove all emotions in decisions” and avoid a lack of control that can make situations even worse and  more difficult to deal with.

    It is not necessary to remove all emotions and feelings from your life, but knowing how to control them is essential to “survive” in the middle of the jungle and once playing with real money online casino. Fear, nervousness and anger when extrapolated bring behaviors that can bring frustrations. And some ways to tame this lion is how to deal with it. Physical exercise, relaxation and entertainment are some ways that help many players in this task.


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