Rihanna and A$AP Rocky get married in the rapper’s new video

A$AP Rocky, 33, released last Thursday (5), the video for “D.M.B. (Dats Mah B i t c h) starring girlfriend Rihanna, 34. The rapper had already released a snippet of the video on his official Instagram profile, in which the couple appears together at different times romantics.

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In July 2021, the couple was seen filming the clip in Bronx, New York. And the fans speculated that Rihanna would release a new album, the last one being “ANTI”, from 2016. However, the singer was just participating in the beloved’s new project. The single is about a love story, in which Rihanna stays by Rocky’s side despite all the difficulties they face. In one scene, Rocky asks Rihanna to marry, him stamped smile and using a grillz, she smiles at him and says “I do” also using a accessory in the teeth. At the end of the video, the future dads appear getting married, and she wears a red dress. “Proud2 announce my directorial debut D.M.B video out now!!! Trank$ 2 all involved who helped & $pecial thank$ 2 my lady for the motivation & role, wrote the rapper in publication.

The song was produced by Rocky, Skepta, 39, Shlohmo, 32, Hector Delgado, 42, and Kelvin Krash, and the video was directed by the star. Recently, rumors of betrayal and the arrest of A$AP, which is still under investigation, have troubled the love-struck couple. Rihanna announced her pregnancy in January and is already in the final stretch, the singer and businesswoman has been dedicated to its Fenty brand.


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