Avril Lavigne watches Shania Twain’s show up close and praises: “I’ve been a fan since forever”

Avril watched her idol's show from backstage. (Photo: Instagram)
Avril watched her idol's show from backstage. (Photo: Instagram)

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne closely followed Shania Twain’s concert during a festival in Ontario. She has also been with Lil Wayne, Nelly Furtado and Drake. Shania received her in her dressing room, and highly praised the ‘sk8 boi’ diva. The weekend full of Canadian encounters paid off a lot. Avril shared with her followers videos of her and her friends dancing to the country diva’s hits.

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Boots & Hearts Music Festival at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro Stadium brought together a large audience, and several artists. Other big names passed through the festival, such as Lady Gaga. Avril went through the entire script of shows, and was excited to meet fellow countrymen. In fact, this was the festival that brought together Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Young Money. The singer had to postpone due to Covid-19. 

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Avril has been working on a tour schedule, and has been to the US, Canada, and part of Europe. In the coming months she will travel through Latin America, passing through Brazil, Argentina, and others.


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