Gerard Piqué is dating a student 12 years younger, says newspaper

Two months after breaking up with Shakira, Gerard Piqué is already in a new relationship. According to the newspaper “The Sun”, the football player, 35 years old, would be dating Clara Chia Marti, 23 years old.

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Piqué and Marti would have known each other because she works in events at ‘Kosmos’, Piqué’s production company. A source close to the young woman told ‘The Sun’ that the new couple has been “seeing each other for months”.

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“They have been keeping quiet about their relationship but those around them all know what is happening. People have been helping him keep the romance hush-hush and have wiped Clara’s social media accounts so people can’t find photos of her. That alone makes his mates think he is actually quite serious about being with her”, said the source. 

However, the publication did not say whether the affair began before or after the breakup of the 12-year relationship with the Colombian singer, announced in early June.


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