Conversations with a nanny reveal that Olivia Wilde had a secret relationship with Harry Styles

Messages between nanny and Jason Sudeikis prove rumors of betrayal by Olivia Wilde. (Photo: Apple TV/Warner/Collage)
Messages between nanny and Jason Sudeikis prove rumors of betrayal by Olivia Wilde. (Photo: Apple TV/Warner/Collage)

Wilde’s little world is shaken. Messages from the family’s ex-nanny show that Olivia’s alleged betrayal is real. The nanny spoke to the Daily Mail, and showed details of moments between Olivia and Jason, and issues with her possible lover, Harry Styles. Wilde has always claimed that her marriage to the actor ended amicably in early 2020, and that her romance with Styles would have started months later. However, the sequence of facts and messages show that there was something along the way, since from the conversations, Jason felt very bad about his ex-wife’s attitudes.

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According to the nanny, Sudeikis was left heartbroken after the events, and with her children in the midst of the ‘war’. She said that Olivia left home a month after the start of the recording of ‘Don’t worry darling’. According to the newspaper, the news of the separation surprised Jason, contrary to what she said. He even committed an unthinking attitude due to the pressure of the moment: he stayed in front of and under Olivia’s car so she wouldn’t leave the house. During the interview, some questions were raised. For example, the routine of the house that was changed. According to her, Olivia would have spent more time away from home, and after a month the separation took place. In addition, the way Sudeikis would have discovered the betrayals would have been through his wife’s apple watch.

In addition, the nanny was reportedly banned from playing Harry’s songs to the children. After Wilde left home, Jason reportedly became depressed and drank too much and talked about her relationship with her lover. According to the nanny, Jason would have said that Olivia started the relationship with Harry. According to that message, she kissed him at a film crew dinner. Sudeikis would have been furious that Olivia had prepared a special salad to take to Harry in the family kitchen. On that occasion, she would have kept her children awake. The confusion would have been great, and she would have said that she was afraid of her husband. And he would have responded by questioning why she would be leaving her children with him since she was scared.

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Jason and Olivia started dating in 2011, and got engaged in 2013. The two have two children, Otis, and Daisy. The children’s nanny stated that she had never noticed problems in the bosses’ relationship in the 3 years she worked there. However, the tables turned after the recording of Don’t worry darling began. Even so, on November 8, 2020 she had spoken about marrying the actor. After meeting Harry, the headmistress would have changed her mind about it. The nanny even claimed that Olivia looked “giddy”, and that she was laughing non-stop around him when she took Daisy to visit her mother on the set.

After that, Wilde would have moved almost to live in a hotel in Los Angeles. The excuse for leaving the house would be that a member of the cast would have Covid-19, and therefore, she would need to be isolated for a while. The discovery would have happened when, in this period, Jason checked the bride’s Apple Watch, which she had forgotten at home. “It was supposed to be a temporary break from Covid, but that ended up being how she left them,” the nanny said. According to her, on November 9, when she returned from a break, she found him crying, saying ‘she left us’ stunned. The entire case had prints exposed in the article, and includes Jason assuring that the nanny is not at fault in the situation.


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