‘Wednesday’ premieres on Netflix! Jenna Ortega comments

Wednesday is a big hit. (Photo: Netflix release)
Wednesday is a big hit. (Photo: Netflix release)

The series directed by Tim Burton, Wednesday, was barely released and is already a huge success worldwide. Fans are already clamoring for a second season, and this one, which is online, has already reached major milestones, as the most watched series in its first week of release. 

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The Addams Family is already a very successful timeless classic in the world, and the series came to specifically address the life of Wednesday Addams, the eldest daughter of the couple Gómez and Morticia. In the series, the audience can follow Wednesday’s process at the new school, ‘Nevermore Academy’, a school for outcasts. Upon getting there, she is faced with murder attempts, and poorly solved mysteries. Including his parents, who studied in the same place when they were young.

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The ‘Wednesday Effect’ is already reaching several areas. The series has already been expanding horizons on and off screen. The review on Jenna Ortega’s performance is excellent, and Christina Ricci’s participation was very tasteful. A Lady Gaga song that plays in the series has returned to the chart rankings.


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