At the UN, Biden expresses support for Ukraine and says “Only Russia is capable of ending the war in Ukraine immediately”


President Joe Biden gave his speech this Tuesday (19) morning during the 78th UN General Assembly in New York.

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With this, the president expressed support for Ukraine, spoke about the use of fossil fuels and their impact on extreme weather events, and also warned of the dangers of using artificial intelligence.

“We strongly support Ukraine in its efforts to reach a diplomatic resolution that provides just and lasting peace. Only Russia, only Russia, is responsible for this war. Only Russia has the power to end this war immediately,” Biden said.

“And it is only Russia that prevents peace. Because the price of peace for Russia is the capitulation of Ukraine, the territory of Ukraine and the children of Ukraine,” he added.

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Another topic of his speech was about extreme weather events experienced by several countries in 2023.

The American president used as examples the heat waves in the USA and China, the forest fires in European countries and the floods in Libya to talk about the risks that populations face due to the effects of climate change.

“Taken together, these events show what can often happen if dependence on fossil fuels is not reduced,” he said.

Furthermore, Biden also said that, before being released to the public, artificial intelligence must be safe. “Governments need to govern this technology, not the other way around,” he declared.


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