Democrats increase pressure for Biden to withdraw from re-election


The Democratic Party’s main candidate for the 2024 elections, with almost no internal competition, is current President Joe Biden. However, Biden faces considerable questions about his re-election plan almost a year before the presidential race. Although he has broad support from party leaders, his candidacy has been increasingly challenged by voters and analysts in the United States, who raise doubts about the octogenarian’s ability to occupy the White House for another four years.

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Amid a series of internal problems, such as the beginning of an impeachment process brought by Republicans in Congress and allegations involving Hunter Biden, tension within the party reached a level that was difficult to ignore. This is reflected in the results of electoral polls and in the critical tone adopted by American press analysts towards the incumbent president.

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According to a recent CNN poll released this month, 67% of Democrats prefer that Biden not be renominated as the party’s nominee. This percentage is higher than that obtained in a previous poll carried out by The New York Times/Siena College, which showed that half of voters preferred a new name. The viability of the campaign already worries Democrats from liberal enclaves and swing states to the corridors of power in Washington.

Privately, Democratic officials acknowledge concerns about Biden’s age and falling approval ratings. However, publicly, they express full confidence in the current president’s ability to lead the party to new victory. Biden’s campaign and his allies argue that much of the internal dissent will disappear next year when the election becomes a straight choice between him and former President Donald Trump. “This is about showing people that the future of American democracy is at stake,” said Rep. Jennifer McClellan of Virginia, who sits on the Biden campaign’s national advisory board. “It’s not just about which president can get through the day without stumbling over his words, which everyone will do, but which president will lead this country in a way that helps people solve problems and keeps American democracy intact.”


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