Hailey Bieber reveals shocking event: “My right side paralyzed”

She thought she was having a stroke (Photo: Instagram)
She thought she was having a stroke (Photo: Instagram)

This last Wednesday (27) Hailey Bieber posted on Instagram a shocking report of a situation that happened with her on March 10th. She said that she is okay right now, but it was all too fast and scary at the time. Hailey started explaining how it happened: “I was having breakfast with Justin when suddenly my arm and hand did not respond to my commands, and my voice didn’t come out. This weird feeling that I couldn’t explain..”. She went to the hospital, made some specific tests. Everyone, including her, thought she was having a stroke, but that wasn’t it. 

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Hailey did more tests and it was concluded that she had TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). She reported that her right side was inert, but that she understood and perceived everything around her. The moment of collapse passed quickly as she recovered well, they took medicine and took care of it. The doctors needed answers, and many tests were done. Several sound and image important tests were made on her, to find the cause of the problem. The conclusion was that Hailey may have had TIA for three reasons: birth control pills; side effects of covid; and a long flight. 

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She said that maybe it was a combination of all three. In the end she made a procedure to fix the problem. The minor surgery was a success, and she is recovering well. Hailey wanted to share her story so that people are careful and attentive with this problem, and know how to act. She said she was very afraid of it happening again, and her anxiety was running high. At the moment she is much better and taking care of this part too. She said she feels relieved and tanked to all the medical staff at the hospital she has been to. It is difficult for her to speak openly about it, but it is also important to her to share and alert everyone. 


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