DUI for Justin Bieber | Jetss interviews the owner of the car on Bieber’s state of mind

Justin Bieber 19, was arrested early-morning on Thursday, 1/23 in Miami Beach, Florida and Jetss has an exclusive interview with Joe Alcantra the owner of Brazilian car company that rented the ‘Lou La Vie’ Bieber was driving at the time of his arrest.

The rental car ‘Lou La Vie’ (Rent the Life) fits the lifestyle of the residents and visitors of the city of Miami. The luxury car fleet has 22 cars, the best and most expensive models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Bentley … and valued over $100 million.

According to Joe Alcantara, “Bieber chose the cars himself. A Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 16M. The cars were delivered to him and he did not show any sign of drunkenness.”


Jetss: Is Justin Bieber a recurring customer of Lou La Vie?
Lou La Vie | Joe Alcantara: Yes Justin Bieber rents here when he’s in town.

Jetss: Who chose the Lamborghini and did he appear to be intoxicated or high?
JA: Bieber chose the cars,  a Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari 16M. The cars were delivered to him and no, he showed no signs of drunkenness.

Jetss: Bieber thanked you in writing the morning he was arrested for not posting on social media…Were you harassed by the press?
JA: We received a lot of calls from major television stations, blogs and gossip magazines but our policy is never to speak frivolously about our clientele and I am speaking only to Jetss.

Jetss: What do you think of all the illegal street racing?
JA: We do not accept this with our cars. We have real-time monitoring of our cars and if the customer does this we immediately send a warning that this is against the terms of our contract. We know when someone accelerates more than the speed limit. It does happen, it’s natural especially from people who have never had the experience of driving these cars. If they continue we to speed we pick up the car and cancel their contract.

Jetss: When the cars were returned after the Miami police confiscated them, what was there condition?
JA: The cars were in perfect condition and now they are back in business.

Jetss: Will you continue to rent cars to Bieber after today’s episode?
JA: Yes, absolutely!



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