Matthew Hussey | JETSS exclusive interview with the master of relationships

Interviewed by Camila Alves, JETSS

JETSS | At your Get the Guy event in Los Angeles this month you stated something I’ve always believed. In our society some people incorrectly think that if a person is single they are somehow incomplete or unhappy.  It’s true that not everyone’s goal is to be in a relationship. Can you say something to individuals’ women or men who are single that might help them feel a little better if they feel they are being judged?
Matthew Hussey – Remember how many people are unhappy in relationships! Kidding (kind of). At the end of the day we all go through phases in life. Some of those phases are designed for us to be single, other times they are suited to relationships. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just about what phase you’re in. Even if you’re in a relationship phase and you’re single, there’s no shame in having not met the right person yet. In fact it takes courage to wait for the right person instead of rushing into relationships with the wrong people.

Camila Alves (JETSS) | The very first book you autographed in London, I heard you say you should probably write something special, did you? If so, what was it?
Matthew Hussey – Wow, that’s testing my memory. If I recall correctly I wrote: “Thank you for being the first person ever to have me sign a book. Big Love, Matthew xxx” It was a really special moment for me, a benchmark in my life.

Camila Alves (JETSS) | Are your future plans to stay in the relationship/coaching arena or will your next venture be something completely different?
Matthew Hussey –  My heart lies in helping people understand themselves and each other better, so I will never stop talking about peoples dating and relationships. I am however this summer releasing a new program for people to take their professional lives and lifestyles to the next level. It’s one of my proudest pieces of work because it teaches people cutting edge techniques to use in interviews, speeches, meetings, and just generally to be the life of any party. I can’t wait till it’s released.


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