Interview | Kendall Jenner reveals she is a hypochondriac, “I always have vitamins everywhere I go!”

On her first visit to Brazil, model Kendall Jenner spoke exclusively with JETSS TV partner (TV Fame)* on beauty, fame, body image and her relationship with ‘Formula One’ driver Lewis Hamilton… well kind of.

It may appear the Kardashian family has been in the media forever but for Kendall Jenner that is exactly the case; she has never ‘not’ been in the media.  As 2nd to youngest of five siblings fame is nothing new, and from a very early age it’s been a daily part of her life. Kendall says, “Wow, I can’t even remember a moment when I was ever anonymous, lol”.

With her insanely busy schedule, we asked what she likes to do in her free time…. “Well, I’m really just a homebody, I mostly enjoy spending my time off with the people I’m closest to like my family and good friends. I’m not really an all night party person.”

As with most models we know there are certain things you just cannot live without; these are her “must haves.” “I always need something to clean my face with and I must have my vitamins. I always travel with a small bag of vitamins because I’m a hypochondriac and I always think I’m going to be sick if I don’t have my vitamins with me everywhere I go.”  Also, hydration, lots of sleep, healthy eating and exercise are all part of her daily routine.

So what’s in the future for the soft-spoken beauty? “I will definitely try some acting. Starting with small roles however [laughs]; I have to say, this is something completely out of my comfort zone and I would have to put some effort into it.”

When we gently inquired about her love life, specifically her relationship with ‘Formula One’ driver Lewis Hamilton, Kendall politely declined to speak about it saying she does not like to discuss this part of her life. And of course, we completely respect that!

Wrapping the interview we thought we’d have some fun so we asked, if she could choose, would she rather have Kim’s body type or prefer her own slim figure?, “I believe a lot of women would love to have a body like Kim and so do I. However, I’m very happy with my own figure, it fits me!”  But then with a big grin stated she secretly wishes to have the same size “behind” as sister Kim Kardashian.   Well Kendall Jenner we think you’re pretty great exactly as you are!

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