Exclusive | The Dalai Lama jokes with ‘Jane the Virgin’ star, he has “no idea” how to be a good father (video)


The DL and his BFF Michale Franti (Photo: Aline Kras/JETSS)
The DL and his BFF Michale Franti (Photo: Aline Kras/JETSS)










His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama celebrated his 80th birthday with a multi-city tour speaking about  “Global Compassion” and JETSS was on the guest list for the 2nd year.

Needless to say, the non-stop three day event in Orange County moderated my Ann Curry was filled  with celebrities, politicians and well-wishers from around the world to spread the message of  compassion for all races, religions, tribes and cultures as the ‘Dalai Lama’ repeated the phrase…“we  are all one.”

At a private luncheon, His Holiness was completely fascinated with musician Michael Franti ‘Say Hey  (I Love You)’ as they held hands for almost 12 minutes. The DL told Franti if he wanted to wear the  same robe as he does he’d have to practice the same vow he does, the “vow of of celibacy” as the guests  roared with laughter.

When ‘Jane the Virgin’ star Jason Baldoni, who’s wife just nine days ago had a baby daughter Maiya;  Baldoni asked the good-natured His Holiness “how he can be a good father,” and the answer was  probably not what Baldoni expected, watch: Exclusive Photo Credit: Aline Kras


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