EXCLUSIVE | LA’s hottest new exhibit ‘Emerging Experience’ at the ‘Annenberg Skylight Studios’ (#contest)

Artsy Los Angeles is known for breaking ground with new and unique forms of expression because this city understands that creativity lives in all of us.

The ‘Annenberg Space for Photography’ is one the most popular and exclusive galleries in the world and steps away is multi-media ‘Skylight Studios’ which will open their doors to “everyone across the globe” who has an eye for the eclectic.  This is an opportunity to introduce and showcase your work in the hottest, mind-blowing exhibit this summer ‘Emerging Experience’.

#EmergingSound will feature the work of unknown artists who are challenging photographic boundaries in social media, latest trends as well as crowd-sourced digital content.

Here’s how to get your creative genius seen:

Submit your photos for Sound by posting your best summer concert photos on ‘Instagram’ with hashtag #EmergingSound.

Emerging Experience is a multimedia installation at ‘Skylight Studios’ that offers imagery exemplifying three different themes: Taste (June 6 – July 12), Sound (July 13 – August 16) and Style (August 17 – September 20). Emerging experience, taste, sound, style



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