Milan Fashion Week not without controversy, whoa, language please!!!

Sparkly bee face or blackface? (Photo: andreasrentz/getty)
Sparkly bee face or blackface? (Photo: andreasrentz/getty)

MILAN: Designer Claudio Cutugno presented his collection today with models in sparkly blackface makeup as part of his all-black themed show for Milan Fashion Week.

‘Refinery29’ made their view on Cutugno’s makeup choice very clear:

“Why the Hell Is This Still Happening?” 

“Excuse our language, but what the ever-loving f–k? Was there no one backstage who thought, ‘Hey, you know what else this kind of looks like?’ Putting glitter on top of black paint does not even remotely take away the insulting nature of this practice.”

Cutugno has yet to address the backlash but said his collection was inspired by the artist Emilio Isgrò, who often uses bees in his work. The sparkly blackface is supposed to look like bees swarming the models’ faces.



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