Kathy Griffin leaving ‘Fashion Police’ because she is a feminist… (read her statement)

Self proclaimed loudmouth Kathy Griffin (Photo: instagram)
Self proclaimed loudmouth Kathy Griffin (Photo: instagram)

Kathy Griffin is leaving ‘Fashion Police’.

On Thursday the comedienne posted an image of text that explained why she’s departing after only seven episodes.  This comes on the heels of Kelly Osbourne’s announcement a few weeks prior that she was departing the show.  Looks like we have another ‘The View’ merry-go-round.

Read what Griffin, the “feminist” says about her departure…

Kathy's reason for leaving 'Fashion Police' (Photo: instagram)
Kathy’s reason for leaving ‘Fashion Police’ (Photo: instagram)

The network issued this statement: “We wish her all the best and are grateful for her time on the show, as well as the many laughs that she gave us all,” the network said in a statement. Fashion Police will return as scheduled on March 30″.

All of this sounds odd because her whole act is about tearing people down. Hmmmm, somethin ain’t right!


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