Kim Kardashian Is Yet Again Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation After Her Vogue India Cover

  • Cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation—what do you think? (Photo: Instagram)

  • Really, Vogue? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Oh, chill. It’s not like we see Kim on EVERY DAMN MAGAZINE. (Photo: Twitter)

  • What time is it? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Watch out, Justin! Kim is coming for you. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Why? Just… why? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Firs Kenny, now Kimmy. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Newp. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Freida Pinto… (Photo: Twitter)

  • *Insert sarcasm here* (Photo: Twitter)

  • Oh, the incongruity! (Photo: Twitter)

  • The only reason I woke up today. (Photo: Twitter)

  • How the tables have turned, huh? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Some people think it’s no big deal. (Photo: Twitter)

  • This is how magazines work. (Photo: Twitter)

  • I mean, she’s got a point. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Are we over reacting? (Photo: Twitter)

  • Interesting… (Photo: Twitter)

  • Half of my heart is in the Vogue Mexico cover. (Photo: Twitter)

  • TBH, is not like she took the job from you. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Some people just don’t get it. (Photo: Twitter)

  • She does look beautiful. (Photo: Twitter)

  • And then there’s people loving it. (Photo: Twitter)

Cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation—what do you think? (Photo: Instagram)

The word backlash is tied to this woman!

Another cover, another scandal. And this time it has nothing to do with her hair—but with her seventh cover in the fashion bible.

On Monday, the mother of three unveiled one of two covers she shot for the March issue of Vogue India. And though many praised the reality TV star’s latest accomplishment in the fashion world, the picture also sparked negative comments among readers who felt that a South Asian model should have been featured instead.

“I have nothing against Kim Kardashian but @VOGUEIndia is really doing itself a disservice by continually neglecting to portrait brown women in their ‘magazine’,” tweeted Aditi Prasad under the handle @P_diti. She continued: “You’re perpetuating a detrimental cycle of underrepresentation. Stop white washing you own damn culture.”

Using an icon of pop culture, instead of a south Asian model or celeb didn’t sit right with lots of people who took to Twitter with their frustrations. But at the same time, there were others who came to the defense of the magazine and Kardashian herself.

Check out what people are saying of Kim Kardashian’s Vogue India cover controversy in our photo gallery above. Cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation—what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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