The Best Of Diane Kruger’s Style On The Red Carpet

Aside from Diane Kruger’s acting accomplishments, she has also tremendously influenced the fashion scene. We can say without a doubt that there are few people who can pull of a look the way Diana Kruger can. Her natural classic, timeless beauty allows her to rock some of the most avant-garde ensembles and still make them look glamorous and elegant.

With bold patterns, interesting fabrics, and added surprising elements like feathers and chainmail, Diane has proven to be not only a fashion enthusiast celebrity, but also one that knows how to keep her style looking refreshed yet refined.

To celebrate her 42nd birthday, we’ve gathered her top style moments on our photo gallery above. Click through to look back at some of Diane Kruger’s best looks Hollywood’s most exclusive events. The beautiful Bridget Von Hammersmark has nothing on Diane!


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