Kanye West Says His Tiny Slippers Are “The Japanese Way” And Twitter Is Roasting Him… Again

The lesson here is to not try to argue that what’s wrong is right, or you’ll get roasted.

After being dragged on the fashion mud for wearing tiny Yeezy slides at 2 Chainz’ wedding earlier this month, Kanye West is now trying to defend the indefensible by saying he was rocking them “the Japanese way.”

The rapper even went on to post a full-on infographic of Japanese sandals on Twitter in a futile effort to explain why his shoes were a bit too small. But the internet ain’t buying ‘Ye’s excuse.

Not only did it take him two full weeks to come up with a poor explanation, but also his slippers were foam, not wooden, and he had like 3 inches hanging off his shoes, not 1-2 centimeters. So, sorry, Kanye, but this isn’t innovation. It’s just you forgetting to change your slippers before getting out the door.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to Kanye’s argument to wearing ill-fitting sandals in our photo gallery above. Well—at least they looked comfy!


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