10 Pictures of Ciara’s Style That Prove She is A Red Carpet Chameleon

The world first fell in love with Ciara when she released her debut album Goodies in 2004. But today, nearly 14 years since she broke into the music scene, Ciara is adored by the masses for far more than just Get Up, Promise, or Like a Boy.

Automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh. Those are the words to Ciara’s smash hit One, Two Step, but they also are just a few of the adjectives we would use to explain the songstress’ audacious fashion sense. From sexy minis to sleek suits and ultra-glam gowns, the singer is a red carpet style chameleon that always keeps us guessing — and we love her for it!

In honor of her 33rd birthday, here’s a look back at Ciara’s style in pictures.  Her flair is just as effortlessly chic and stunning as her killer dance moves. And if you’ve watched the Goodies music video you know that’s saying a lot.



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