Happy California Day! 17 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Hazards Of Living in L.A.

When you think of California, you think of L.A. And when you think of L.A. you think of Hollywood, celebrities, and glamour. Which only means you don’t actually live in L.A. Otherwise you’d be nagging about the all-year-round heat, the never-ending traffic, the outrageous living costs—oh, and did we mention the cramped freeways?

Listen—we love The Big Orange. You love it too. Everyone loves Los Angeles. And that, my friends, is the real problem. There’s a dark side to the Sunshine City’s popularity. Los Angeles is too lucky for its own good!

Still, the City of Angels is the best city in the world!

Celebrating National California Day, here are 17 tweet that perfectly sum up the hazards of living in L.A., the greatest city in all Golden State!


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