Happy Napping Day! 27 Tweets For The Serial Nap-Takers

Oh, the powerful wonders of sleep!

Whether it is it help up recuperate from the day’s labor, because it helps you bust your boredom, or simply because it’s a good way to avoid your problems, there is something about napping that everyone loves.

And though many of us might feel a little ashamed or even guilty about it because in our heads is like if we’re slacking off or something, being an habitual nap-takers is actually pretty beneficial. Because, according to Michael Hyatt, “the secret of becoming more productive is not managing your time but your energy.”

And that’s what naps are all about!

So we suggest you seriously reconsider taking a daily nap. And if you already are—well, embrace the magical powers of this life-changing habit! Celebrating National Napping Day, here are 27 tweets that perfectly portray our love for our trusty reset button—a.k.a. naps!


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