25 Tweets That Reveal The Utter Insanity That Is Being A Mom

You love them, take care of them, cook them healthy food, change their dirty diapers, keep their crappy artwork displayed around the house, put up with their endless tantrums… Wow, wow! That took a turn for the worse really quickly.

Welcome to a mom’s life.

Once you have a kid you soon learn that the reality of what being a mom is actually like is way different from the expectations most of us go into it with. Don’t get us wrong—nobody’s denying the beauty of motherhood. But there’s a lot of driving. And cleaning. And convincing people to eat. So, let’s face it: your kids will suck your will to live… in a very sweet way.

The chaotic nature of motherhood lends itself to humor, perfectly explained in these 25 about the utter insanity that is being a mom.

WARNING: Do not click through our photo gallery above unless you want to farewell your lifelong dream of becoming a mother, cuz, believe us, it will fly away to never come back!


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