Happy National Burger Day! 16 Hilarious Tweets About McDonalds

Whether you’re loving it or hating it, McDonlad’s is without a doubt the epitome of what burgers are. And, we have to admit that in a world full with fast foods, that creepy ol’ clown sure knows his way to our fatty hearts.

It’s super cheap, there’s always one nearby when you most need it, it reminds you of your happy childhood days when you played with the happy meal toy, and, for the not-at-all picky /nonexperience paladars, a BigMac and fries is the absolute most delicious meal in the entire world.

Those golden arches are the signal of greasy, fried happiness.

But if we still haven’t convinced you even after this poetic ode to McDonlad’s, we might as well make you laugh about it. Celebrating National Burger Day, here are 16 hilarious tweets about the most iconic burger joint (sorry, Burger King!).


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