Twitter Users Are Sharing Their Most Boring Encounters With Celebs And It’s… Mild

Screams, tears, autographs, selfies, awkward conversations… those are the things to be expected of a dream encounter with one of your favorite celebrities—right? Well, you should probably lower your expectations, because sometimes, the moment is so brief, mild, and normal, that it’s not even worth sharing with the world.

Unless, of course, if thousands of people start sharing their most dull encounters with celebs on social media!

Podcaster and writer John Moe wanted to know from other Twitter users what their most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounters were. And the answers were plentiful and gloriously yawn-worthy!

Who would know Robert Pattinson pees too? Or that Mark Wahlberg ejects bodily gasses? Ah, celebrities—they’re just like us! Click through our photo gallery above to see a curated list of times people encountered celebrities.

SPOILER ALET: Nothing particularly of note happened.


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