15 Times When Dewey From “Malcolm In The Middle” Was The Best Little Brother

Amazingly adorable, a music genius, and quite frankly the true star of the show. Poor Dewey often lived under the shadow of Malcolm’s intelligence and Reese’s nonsense, but everyone’s favorite baby brother could be just as smart and crazy as his older brothers.

Dewey Wilkerson is, without a doubt, the best character Erik Per Sullivan has ever played. And though, unlike on-screen father Bryan Cranston, the actor hasn’t done much since his Malcolm in the Middle days, we will forever be grateful that he brought to life one of the best and most unfairly underrated characters in TV history.

In honor of Erik Per Sullivan’s 27th birthday—there goes the last bit of youth left on my body—, here’s a rundown of 15 times Dewey proved he was the absolute best little brother. Sorry, Jamie, but you’ve got nothing on Dewey!


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