16 Tweets About French Fries That You’ll Understand If You Are In Love With This Golden Snack

French fries are like women: they come in all shapes and sizes, they’re beautiful on the inside and out, we’re all in the hunt for the best one, and we have a strong love for them. Why, you ask?

The perfect accompaniment for the classic burger (and fish, and stake, and any other dish, for that matter), French fries are probably the best tasting snacks you could ever have. Why, you ask? Because they are potato, they are fried, and they are salty. Not to mention you can get them anywhere, anytime, and they’ll always be the right choice. Breakfast? Sure. Dinner? Delicious. 3 o’clock in the morning? Sounds like a good idea.

Celebrating National French Fries day, here are 16 tweets you’ll only understand if you too are in love with this gloriously golden snack. The “no one can eat just one” punch line doesn’t ring truer than in the case of French fries.


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