Melania Trump Is Blonde Now And Twitter Is Going After Her Hairstylist

If you still don’t believe that couples eventually start to look more and more alike, just take a look FLOTUS’ new hair color. It’ll remind you of a certain yellowhead.

Melania Trump is blonde. The model turned First Lady of the United States debuted her new look during an interview with Fox News. And though she talked about her relationship with Trump, the challenges of working in the White House, and a bund of other stuff, nobody really paid attention, because we were all staring at her new blonde hair.

New year (almost) new me?

Of course a woman is free to switch up her hair whenever she pleases—but so is the Internet to throw plenty of jokes about her haircoloring gone wrong. Twitter users were quick to point out the Melania’s disturbing resemblance to her husband, from the bleached hair to the orange tan.

Click through our photo gallery above too see the best reaction to the news that Melania Trump is blonde. Can’t help but wonder if the color used to dye Melania’s hair is alled Golden Showers…


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