Singer Fher Olvera of Maná compares Donald Trump to Hitler during L.A. concert for his “Anti-Immigrant” remarks!

Maná performed at Los Angeles' Staple Center to a sold out crowd (Photo: Maná/Courtesy)
Maná performed at Los Angeles’ Staple Center to a sold out crowd (Photo: Maná/Courtesy)

At their concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Latin group Maná took the stage but not before the band’s lead singer Fher Olvera expressed some pretty strong words about loud mouth “presidential wanna be” Donald Trump.

Fher spoke about real estate mogul and fame whore Donald Trump, who made anti-immigrant comments earlier this week. During the official kick-off to his campaign in New York City on Tuesday, Trump promised to build a “great, great wall” to protect America from so-called criminals.

Fher…“He said we were trash, he said that the people who came from Latin America and Mexico are rapists, thugs, and drug dealers. Those were his words. We feel pity for this incompetent man. I have never heard a speech as violent, or as filled with hatred — not since Hitler.”

And then, amid boos directed at Trump, Olvera changed his tone into one of empowerment. “Latinos and Mexicans came to this country to build it from the ground up. It doesn’t matter what one cabrón said – just remember that he insulted our fathers, our mothers; he insulted everyone. And that is inadmissible. When you go out to vote, which is soon, you know what you have to do.”


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