The 31 Best Left-Handed Musicians Ever

  • Paul McCartney. (Photo: Archive)

  • Justin Bieber. (Photo: YouTube)

  • Sylvia Tyson. (Photo: Archive)

  • Al McKay of Earth, Wind and Fire. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Kurt Cobain. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Slim Jim Phantom. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Phil Collins. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Charlie Chaplin. (Photo: Archive)

  • Jimi Hendrix. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Slim Whitman. (Photo: Archive)

  • Andrew White. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Iggy Pop. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Paul Grey. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Perry Bamonte. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Hayley Kiyoko. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Tony Iommi. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Jo Callis. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Ken Casey. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Kathy Foster. (Photo: Pinterest)

  • Lee Jackson. (Photo: Archive)

  • Lee Pomeroy. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Veronica Romero. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Martin Eric Ain with Celtic Frost. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Rosemary Butler. (Photo: YouTube)

  • Stuart Chatwood. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Jimi Goodwin. (Photo: Wiki)

  • Scott Reeder. 9Photo: Pinterest)

  • Doug Pinnick. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Jerry Nolan. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Chloe Saavedra of the duo Smoosh, and her left-handed drumset. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Micky Dolenz is right-handed, but plays a left-handed drum kit in The Monkees. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Paul McCartney. (Photo: Archive)

Most rock & roll fans are aware of the Jimi Hendrix left-right guitar legend. Naturally left-handed, the musical genius was commanded by his father to play right-handed before sneaking to practice left-hand picking on right-handed guitars, establishing a unique style that blew away his rivals.

But Jimi is far from the only great lefty to grace the music scene. Here’s a gallery of 31 of the greatest southpaw musicians ever.

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