15 Popular Songs You Had No Idea Were Covers!

They say that the original is always better, but this rule doesn’t always apply when it comes to music.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but some of the most iconic tracks of your favorite artists are not original songs. Yes, their versions may be so good that they have managed to become hymns to feminism or rock and roll classics, but, as the saying goes, we should give “credit where credit is due”.

Artists like as Celine Dion, Elvis Presley and even The Beatles managed to popularize and immortalize these songs. However, it was actually from the minds and voices of other talented artists— but, of course, with much less success—that these tracks came to this world.

Whether it was because they appeared on the soundtrack of a movie, or simply because the new interpretation was just better than the original¸ these songs transcended the success of their mother versions to the point where they completely and absolutely displaced the original and condemned it to oblivion. But today, we’re giving them their well-deserved 5 minutes of fame bringing you this list of 15 popular songs that you probably didn’t know were covers.


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