Twitter Feels Personally Offended By Taylor Swift’s Country Rendition Of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”

For whatever reason, Taylor Swift has decided to record a countrified version of Earth, Wind & Fire’s September for the Spotify Single series. And well—let’s just say that the cover only goes to prove that, even though we love her so, there’s a line not even Taylor Swift herself should cross.

But adding those banjos to the iconic 70’s hit song definitely counts as crossing the line, and Twitter is not one bit happy about it.

Listen—we know covering a beloved song is tricky. But changing the genre of the song (mind you, from funk to countrypolitan)? That’s just the perfect formula for disaster! It’s as if Taylor hadn’t had enough hatred in 2016!

Unlike Reputation, nobody actually made her do this. Not even Kanye. So sorry, Taylor, but we ain’t cutting you any slack this time. Read some of the more impassionate takes on Swifts rendition of “September” in our photo gallery.

Do you too feel like sticking a screwdriver in your ear and keep pushing until it pierces your soul?


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