Rihanna Feels Attacked By Fans Demanding for New Music But It’s Actually Hilarious

Rihanna feels attacked by her insisting fans. But that hasn’t stopped her from being her prankster self.

What do you do when you’re afraid to become a meme? You happily turn yourself into one. That’s what Rihanna did when the Navy wouldn’t stop nagging her about her nowhere-to-be-found forthcoming ninth album.

“When your fans keep asking you for new music,” read a meme RiRi posted to her Instagram page, featuring a picture of herself wiping sweat off her forehead as a hoard of fans surround her. She captioned the post: “I feel attacked. ***valley girl who’s never been attacked voice*** R9 chronicles.”

The original BadGal has been consistently blessing our lives with clothes, makeup, local tourism, and pretty much Fenty everything since the release of her last album, Anti, in 2016. However, fans seem to be done with her entrepreneurial endeavors and want her to go right back in the studio.

Still, there is no current release date for her new album. And considering she responded with a meme, it seems like our perfectly reasonable demands are a joke to Rihanna. Which they’re not. We need music. We. Need. Music.

See the best reactions to RiRi’s self-memefication in our photo gallery above. Rihanna feels attacked by her fans, but the Navy is feeling neglected by their queen. We still stan, though.


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